CC Justice TV and Media Relations

One of the most abused tools in the world by free market capitalism is the media. The public’s trust in obtaining relevant life information from the media has instead been hijacked by corporate interests to feed them with propaganda, create hypes, deceive consumers and represents every other interest other than that of the naïve public.

Furthermore, the public is given information which is of no relevance to their daily lives more often than not and are hard pressed to find needed information regarding increasing access to Justice or professional participation in the industry.

Justice TV and Media Relations is only concerned about the public and not corporate interests provid- ing needed information on programs, public education, new technologies, innovations, jobs, profes- sional certifications and other helpful tips that helps the public.

Justice TV and Media Relations provide information through the platform and you can access the plat- form by enrolling in one of the programs available in the industry.

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